Thomas Meyer, a Swiss in his twenties,
imagined a future where people
could dress in a fun, inspiring, affordable way.
His first project was a denim jacket made out of pieces of used denim trousers.

The Disney
license is obtained
and the second version of the Patch jacket was created, this time with images of Mickey Mouse
or Donald Duck.

On September that same year we presented
our first collection, rich in prints and colours,precursor of the fun vitality that has always been with us in everything we do.

We opened our first own
store in Ibiza, and launched the logo, which

was designed by Peret,
that has been with us ever since.
We grew and expanded our staff to a number of 40 people. Our first sales became higher,
but we also mademany wrong decisions that put
our future in danger

We were in a serious financial struggle.
We had to suspend payments and that situation,
which was particularly difficult, gave us the
opportunity to rethink Desigual and canalise our
future projection.
We crossed the desert looking for a recovery.
Before the quandary between disappearing or putting ourselves back together,
we chose the second one and launched the ‘Styled for relax’ collection.
“Styled for relax”.

Our collection
"Feel you sexy"
became a huge sale success.
The first prints designed by Thomas Meyer were launched with this collection.
We started our commercial and financial restructuration.

Thomas Meyer meets
Manel Adell for the first time: they cross the Atlantic in a sailing boat,
with eleven other people.
There starts a friendship that will lead ,
to Manel’s incorporation to Desigual
ten years later.

We opened
new own stores in
Salou, Lloret
de Mar and
Platja d’Aro;

three locations in close contact
with tourists. They are the foundation for the recovery of a network
of own stores.

Desigual gains
in the Spanish market and starts to export to France and Portugal, which causes many problems but also allows us to learn many valuable things. The idea of a network of own stores is a solid idea.

We launch our
first website: Desigual 1.0 We open a new own store in
El Triangle, the commercial gallery
located right in the centre of Barcelona.

Desigual participates in the
Gaudí fashion show and our design department
grows to meet the company’s
size and our
future objectives.


Throughout these two years we became aware of the consolidation of our relationship with our customers.
Our objective was based on constant improvement, the increase of quality of our products and the optimization of our procedures.

From1999 to 2001 we boosted the two-colour trictor and simple stripes.

Manel Adell joins Desigual. First
as an advisor, then as a partner and
General Director.
We open the doors of our first outlet outside Barcelona, in Valladolid Check shirts2002 Two-coloured stripes, speckle..2002

During the
Spring/Summer season we presented our
first complete collection for kids: this was our challenge - to start working in such a specific field as kids clothing.

Together with Martí Guixé we developed the paint-party strategy:
we decorated our stores out of the creativity of our friends, collaborators and customers.
Desigual kept on gaining followers all over the world.

False plain, toned embroideries, 2003

On October this year we opened our
Singapore store, the first one outside
the Spanish borders.
Our pace of growth is
unbelievable and we achieve to
improve all our business figures.

We announced the opening of 24 new stores and we start a new marketing action: Naked, come in naked
and leave fully dressed.
Naked was a success not even foreseen
by the most optimistic ones.
Red and black, 2005
Sentences, hearts

We started the
Desigual Es-cool: train to grow.
We launched the
first ‘Berta’ dress
while we have much higher
than expected growth - 80%.

We presented our first ‘jewel’ coat, a garment that made coats popular again
among women all over the world and
that became a symbl of what we do.

ABC, seams and brush
strokes, Black and white,

We decide to expand our
product categories:
we’re preparing lines for
Bodywear y Shoes at the purest Desigual style.

We open the biggest
store in the world
in Madrid and two amazing flagship
stores in Paris and San Francisco.

We opened a store in
New York, a corner at Macy’s and
our garments are available at
500 Wholesale stores in the US.
We brought back
the design of the
original denim jacket
that made Desigual stand out during
its first years and international
sales we higher than
sales from the
Spanish territory for the first time.

The collaboration between Desigual and Monsieur Lacroix goes up to a higher
level of maturity in
its second collection.

We sign a collaboration agreement
at a world’s level with the

We present our first Shoes
available at all stores from the
spring of 2012.

This year is full of surprises
and changes. We launch the
Living & Baby collections, the latter under the slogan "Born to be Happy" We also have brand new stores
in Japan and China,
thus properly getting our brand into the Asian giant.

And… at last!
Waiting was worth it:
We move to
the beach
and open our
"New building", which overlooks
the sea from the most beautiful
spot in Barcelona, the beach of la

New And Good

We crack the year open with a TV campaing in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, where we present our claim
"La Vida es Chula".

This year our
efforts are
focused on Asia
and Latin America.

We go back to our origins We are shooting this Spring-Summer campaing in Ibiza, the island that saw Desigual come to be. We re-focus our product strategy: Thomas Meyer places his bets on rescuing the original values of the brand and rechannel the design of the product to go back to the essence.

La Vida es Chula